From 06/06/2016 to 07/05/2016


08:19 PM Revision 8f0d4580 (lw-simulator): Adjusted options when calling the program in console
Alexander Dietsch
07:56 PM Bug #30 (Feedback): console mode not working
Recompiled version now correctly references to the function 'LWCoordinator.setUpdateVariableFuncs' instead of 'LWCoor... Alexander Dietsch
03:56 PM Bug #30 (In Progress): console mode not working
Alexander Dietsch
02:49 PM Bug #30 (Feedback): console mode not working
Both mono and wine produce the same error with LWSimulator.exe:
Tadeusz Litak
07:51 PM Revision 68ba0368 (lw-simulator): Quickfix to make Console Version work again (renaming registers to
variable affected it as well but the version wasn't recompiled in the last
Alexander Dietsch
07:48 PM Feature #33 (In Progress): calling console from GUI
Alexander Dietsch
04:00 PM Feature #33: calling console from GUI
The technicalities under the hood, i.e., whether or not several different files are used in the execution are rather ... Tadeusz Litak
03:51 PM Feature #33 (Feedback): calling console from GUI
> I cannot do any comparison with pure console mode: as reported in #30, I cannot run the console mode at all. But it... Alexander Dietsch
03:24 PM Feature #33 (In Progress): calling console from GUI
Stefan's students are reporting that it can take quite a long time to execute their code with GUI, even when the paus... Tadeusz Litak
03:03 PM Feature #32 (New): variables used in the program and their names
This is something that both Stefan and Thorsten have been suggesting. They say that instead of all the registers bein... Tadeusz Litak
02:54 PM Feature #31 (New): Native support of if ... then ... else
What is the status of it? The story last month seems to have been that it might have been implemented at some point, ... Tadeusz Litak


05:11 AM Revision 71a73036 (lw-simulator): General:
-Changed all occurances of 'register' to 'variable'
-Improved the option to show the next executed command
Alexander Dietsch


03:48 PM Revision 4c0c49d9 (lw-simulator): LWSimulatorGUI:
-Small fix when highlighting a text bigger than the window
-Added import pre-execution command
-Added ...
Alexander Dietsch


07:31 PM Revision dc077841 (lw-simulator): -Added option for cursor to be in the next executed line simili...
debugger Alexander Dietsch


01:40 AM Revision cc508db6 (lw-simulator): Merge
Alexander Dietsch
01:35 AM Revision adcd5bfe (lw-simulator): - small bugfixes
- new Pre-execution command #IMPORT: import all macros from another piece
of code to use in your own code
- Log win...
Alexander Dietsch


03:22 PM Revision d12d8f11 (lw-simulator): Rewrote section Basics.
Alexander Dietsch

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