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ee32f419 09/10/2018 02:44 PM Christoph Rauch

more broken code removed

f479ab7e 09/10/2018 02:44 PM Christoph Rauch

removed broken code

77dbee5c 09/10/2018 02:33 PM Christoph Rauch

finished proof of guarded preiterativity

986602b0 09/07/2018 04:05 PM Christoph Rauch

finally a few proofs about tr_dagger

ac89c479 07/20/2018 10:19 AM Christoph Rauch

removed 'Maps' and ssreflect tactical.

7548c928 07/19/2018 07:11 PM Christoph Rauch

added multi-binder for pattern matching on pairs plus a few lemmas

527beb73 07/18/2018 10:41 PM Christoph Rauch

attempts to implement guarded daggers

f87801de 07/18/2018 08:06 PM Christoph Rauch

added some helper lemmas concerning identity and composition

dad06998 07/18/2018 08:05 PM Christoph Rauch

updated Guarded Metalanguage to use locally nameless representation

5b2e9d83 06/22/2018 02:02 PM Christoph Rauch

Finished instances

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