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9c29ae2a 10/25/2017 12:04 PM Christian Bay

Presentation: Fix errors in presentation

9aa459c0 10/24/2017 01:17 PM Christian Bay

presentation: Added a funny picture for last frame because i'm a funny person

85228db6 10/24/2017 10:55 AM Christian Bay

Little changes

24b560e9 10/24/2017 10:33 AM Christian Bay

Presentation: Mention other laws for complete elgot monad

ccc47c5f 10/23/2017 09:19 PM Christian Bay

Grammar, typos

d8c16ec3 10/23/2017 08:16 PM Christian Bay

Grammar again

c45ca4bb 10/23/2017 05:39 PM Christian Bay

Presentation: Compare with other work

63cfab35 10/23/2017 02:29 PM Christian Bay

Presentation: Explain iteration for complete elgot monads in more detail

d6a95bc3 10/22/2017 11:46 PM Christian Bay

Presentation: Style and typos

93322eaa 10/22/2017 10:00 PM Christian Bay

Presentation: Remove TODOs

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