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Thorsten Wißmann, 04/30/2014 11:41 AM

Getting invovled

Get fully involved you need several accounts.

Redmine access

Register via the link on the top right of this page, then your account has to be unlocked by the administrator Edgar Taube. This gives access to the wiki, the bug tracker and the web appearance of COOL.

GIT push access

Everybody can clone the git repository, see Download, and send patches. For direct push access, send your public ssh-key to Edgar Taube, then you can pull from and push to the following:

Then you can clone it via

git clone
# and then pushing is via
git push

For existing repositories do

git remote add cal8
# pushing is via
git push cal8 master

# or via
git branch --set-upstream master cal8/master # only needed once
git push