# Date Author Comment
1a213985 09/27/2017 01:02 AM Kristin Braun

added translation for Const

78ab3383 09/19/2017 11:10 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

oasis: Correctly declare TCSLib dependency for pgsolver

bc0691dc 08/10/2017 12:48 PM Kristin Braun

translation only uses subformulas if their negation is not a subformula

2d58f46f 07/18/2017 11:16 AM Kristin Braun

added optimized translation

97b76edf 06/29/2017 05:03 PM Kristin Braun

deleted conjunction

d5e292c6 06/20/2017 09:28 PM Kristin Braun

nom2fix and solveNom

946e8213 06/20/2017 07:41 PM Kristin Braun

translation from nominal to EG AF works for K

2da28579 06/20/2017 05:50 PM Kristin Braun

added VAR to patternmatching

def3763d 06/19/2017 01:18 PM Kristin Braun

Translation for K

e3cf4ca2 05/16/2017 07:39 PM Kristin Braun

translation calculates fisher ladner closure correctly

267e3fcf 05/16/2017 02:03 PM Kristin Braun


89613c41 05/11/2017 03:52 PM Kristin Braun

tried to use Fischer-Ladner Closure but not working yet

0f9140ab 05/04/2017 04:06 PM Kristin Braun

part 1 and 3 of translation

a91110f4 05/03/2017 03:47 PM Kristin Braun

first part of translations is implemented

3cd07e5d 05/03/2017 03:26 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

Replace String.split_on_char with custom implementation

String.split_on_char was introduced in OCaml 4.04, but we want to
support 4.02.

7776135e 04/22/2017 12:52 AM Hans-Peter Deifel

Move verifyFormula after simplification

a60f4851 04/21/2017 11:16 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

Enforce aconjunctivity globally

In the future, we would need a switch for that

867cefeb 04/21/2017 10:24 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

Add script to generate test formulas

- Generates a specific set of formulas, usable for
benchmarking cool against pgsolver

64adaa3d 04/21/2017 10:23 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

Disable debug output

2400280e 04/21/2017 10:23 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

Fix alternation level computation

c6fcba65 04/21/2017 10:22 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

Disable backjumping for now

acd285b4 04/21/2017 02:10 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

Temporarily add some debug output

ac55ab4a 04/21/2017 02:10 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

Fix priority for empty foci

83e87153 04/21/2017 11:43 AM Hans-Peter Deifel

Swap priorities of partial permutations

Since the automaton must be complemented, our priorities have to be
just the other way round.

e3905995 04/21/2017 11:39 AM Hans-Peter Deifel

Include priority of nodes in dot output

(51-75/638) Per page: 25, 50, 100

Also available in: Atom