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99d301af 02/09/2016 11:40 AM Christoph Egger

Replace A by a and E by e in testsuite

A and E are syntax elements in CTL
"Fixes" the testsuite for K

ea6ba714 07/06/2015 04:35 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Add crucial testcases for K*K

ce35fe09 02/05/2015 04:00 AM Thorsten Wißmann

Implement testcase skipping to avoid PML crashes

72e541b6 07/21/2014 02:42 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Add failing PML+K testcase

aadc6a87 07/21/2014 02:33 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Flush stdout more often in testsuite

c855ba91 07/21/2014 11:34 AM Thorsten Wißmann

Change AtMostProbable to LessProbableThan

The actual box of PML (in GMLMIP) is: less probable than. The Diamond
is: At least Probable than.

So now you have ¬[p] C = <p> C.

eda515b6 07/21/2014 11:05 AM Thorsten Wißmann

Add ocaml part of PML rule application

910d5f05 07/21/2014 10:55 AM Thorsten Wißmann

Remove redundancy from testsuite file

afec59bf 07/17/2014 12:00 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Fix name of testsuite section K*KD

db23edf7 07/16/2014 02:50 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Implement more generic functor parsing/printing

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