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1d36cd07 10/06/2017 09:06 PM Kristin Braun

Tried to optimize translation with fixpoint approximation; added depthFormula function in CoAlgFormula

bc0691dc 08/10/2017 12:48 PM Kristin Braun

translation only uses subformulas if their negation is not a subformula

2d58f46f 07/18/2017 11:16 AM Kristin Braun

added optimized translation

d5e292c6 06/20/2017 09:28 PM Kristin Braun

nom2fix and solveNom

946e8213 06/20/2017 07:41 PM Kristin Braun

translation from nominal to EG AF works for K

def3763d 06/19/2017 01:18 PM Kristin Braun

Translation for K

267e3fcf 05/16/2017 02:03 PM Kristin Braun


89613c41 05/11/2017 03:52 PM Kristin Braun

tried to use Fischer-Ladner Closure but not working yet

f24367c4 04/06/2017 05:57 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

Add command line flag for fragment

The user can now choose which fragment of the mu-calculus the reasoner
uses. More specialized fragments can have better performance

4c23563e 04/06/2017 05:57 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

Generalize command line argument parsing

Adds a new module CoolUtils.Args that implements a generic command
line argument parser. This makes it easier to add new options to the
main program.

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