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f24367c4 04/06/2017 05:57 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

Add command line flag for fragment

The user can now choose which fragment of the mu-calculus the reasoner
uses. More specialized fragments can have better performance

4a20854e 04/06/2017 05:57 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

tests: Print summary for failed tests at the end

Makes it easier to find failing formulas for further fine-grained

8c810657 03/27/2017 08:36 AM Hans-Peter Deifel

tests: Throw error if child doesn't return 0 or 1

0 and 1 are used for Sat and Unsat respectively. But if the child
throws an exception, another exit status is returned which the parent
now recognizes.

ad0b75b1 03/26/2017 09:29 AM Hans-Peter Deifel

tests: Run reasoner in new process for each formula

As it stands, cool leaks tons of memory with each `isSat` call. Until
this is fixed, the new `--slow` testsuite would need at least 16GB of
memory if all formulas are decided in one process. Thus, we now call...

a57eb439 03/21/2017 09:12 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

Add vim modeline to all OCaml files

9609611d 02/05/2016 02:00 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Fix CL for diamond formula sets with all agents

For the case of two (or more) diamond formulas who all mention the full
agent list, no rule was created, because the former CL algorithm only
created rules for proper subsets of the agent list. This adds the...

aadc6a87 07/21/2014 02:33 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Flush stdout more often in testsuite

5043b258 07/16/2014 12:08 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Add more testcases for K

f71032c3 07/11/2014 03:01 AM Thorsten Wißmann

Add smallest DL98 testcases to testsuite

dcb82f00 05/16/2014 09:04 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Add statistics to testsuite output

abc6c263 05/16/2014 08:43 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Add testcases for KD

ab2d3adc 05/16/2014 08:18 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Add basic testcase checking

b33c1f3f 05/16/2014 07:22 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Add basic testsuite skeleton