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c9ed384b 03/22/2017 02:09 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

Merge branch 'remove-gmlmip'

c4aee922 03/22/2017 02:05 PM Hans-Peter Deifel


This drops the rule implementation for GML and PML, because they were
relying on GMLMIP which complicated the build process and didn't work
completely. See Issue 19.

GML and PML are still implemented as functors but currently disabled.
To re-instantiate them, an OCaml implementation is needed.

a57eb439 03/21/2017 09:12 PM Hans-Peter Deifel

Add vim modeline to all OCaml files

edfbcc2b 05/14/2016 11:50 PM Christoph Egger

Fix deferral tracking for new CoalitionLogic code

e01c4a03 05/14/2016 05:10 AM Christoph Egger

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into flatmu

52f5465c 04/28/2016 04:13 PM Christoph Egger

Add deferral tracking for Identity

a670c5fd 04/28/2016 04:09 PM Christoph Egger

Add deferral tracking for Fusion

f40cc23c 04/28/2016 04:06 PM Christoph Egger

Add deferral tracking for Choice

40a714df 04/28/2016 03:58 PM Christoph Egger

Add deferral tracking to CoalitionLogic

f4e43751 04/27/2016 07:42 PM Christoph Egger

Add Monotone neighbourhood logic

1b17ef3c 04/13/2016 02:20 AM Christoph Egger

Fix bug in FL calculation and refocusing after states

fe81b988 04/09/2016 03:17 AM Christoph Egger

Make real empty set for deferral (not including True)

ef0e7121 04/09/2016 03:17 AM Christoph Egger

Actually use refocused deferral in modal step

a25a6849 02/29/2016 10:37 AM Christoph Egger

Make KD a deferral-tracking Logic

16af388e 02/15/2016 04:57 PM Christoph Egger

Make reasoner nodes include deferrals

This makes the identifying information be of type bset*bset instead of
bset and adds tracking of deferrals for propositional reasoning and --
in case of K -- for modal reasoning

c1a08c36 02/11/2016 05:08 PM Thorsten Wißmann

CL: create enough rule 2 applications

The previous optimization in the rule 2 applications of coalition logic
left out some rule applications. Now, do enough but still do not
generate unnecessarily many rule applications.

9609611d 02/05/2016 02:00 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Fix CL for diamond formula sets with all agents

For the case of two (or more) diamond formulas who all mention the full
agent list, no rule was created, because the former CL algorithm only
created rules for proper subsets of the agent list. This adds the...

d58bba0f 02/05/2015 07:02 AM Dirk Pattinson

Removed Negation Normal Form of Choice as Choice is Self-Dual

19f5dad0 02/04/2015 05:02 AM Dirk Pattinson

Added Identity Functor and Skeleton for Default Implication

93cbaa2e 01/23/2015 08:07 AM Dirk Pattinson

Implement constant functor

5e0983fe 01/22/2015 08:23 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Implement functor parameters for Const

9bae2c4f 07/21/2014 01:49 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Implement the REAL box of PML

c855ba91 07/21/2014 11:34 AM Thorsten Wißmann

Change AtMostProbable to LessProbableThan

The actual box of PML (in GMLMIP) is: less probable than. The Diamond
is: At least Probable than.

So now you have ¬[p] C = <p> C.

eda515b6 07/21/2014 11:05 AM Thorsten Wißmann

Add ocaml part of PML rule application

672429b4 07/16/2014 12:08 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Make Or-step in And-Or-rules lazy

a9949a25 07/16/2014 12:08 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Use lazylists to remove redudancy

69243f7f 07/16/2014 12:08 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Generalize ruleEnumeration by introducing lazylist

Introduce a new generic data type lazylist, e.g. used for lazy rule

b36e57bc 07/16/2014 12:08 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Remove Disjunctive ruleEnumerations

Propagation of satisfiability and unsatisfiability does not cover
disjunctions and I don't get how propagation works, so I won't touch it
yet. So this reverts the only partially implemented Disjunctive

269d93e5 07/16/2014 12:08 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Introduce junctions (Disjunction, Conjunction)

77a804ab 05/15/2014 11:53 AM Thorsten Wißmann

Add some debug output (in comments)

b5352205 05/04/2014 12:06 PM Thorsten Wißmann

Only use addBSNoChk for simple bitsets

Insert a formula into a bitset without checking for a contradiction. The
former addBS performed a contradiction-check using MiscSolver.arrayNeg
which is a array of size 0 due to not being initialized.

For some reasons this bug only could be triggered when building with...

7c4d2eb4 04/23/2014 11:21 AM Thorsten Wißmann

Separate cool into library and coalg frontend