From 10/04/2017 to 11/02/2017


06:52 PM Revision 80e49b79 (cool): Revert "Update INSTALL file to reflect current state"
This reverts commit 5de20a335bdf0e0c5e7b940fe69952963720b1cd.
Wrong branch...
Hans-Peter Deifel
06:47 PM Revision 5de20a33 (cool): Update INSTALL file to reflect current state
Since pgsolver is now a dependency and is not available in common
Linux distributions, we advise people to install al...
Hans-Peter Deifel
06:11 PM Revision 0655be7e (cool): benchmarks: Correctly parse output with REPEATS=1
In this case, no stddev is generated Hans-Peter Deifel


07:09 PM Revision 6c3793cb (cool): benchmarks: Fix early_caching_ac formula
Hans-Peter Deifel
06:25 PM Revision db56eb9d (cool): benchmarks: Add early_ac formulae to generator
Hans-Peter Deifel


11:32 PM Revision 42e43efd (cool): benchmarks: Ignore temporary files when collecting statistics
Hans-Peter Deifel
09:43 PM Revision 221a3816 (cool): benchmarks: Set final TIMEOUT and REPEATS parameters
Hans-Peter Deifel
09:42 PM Revision cf05f9f8 (cool): benchmarks: Run mlsolver with -pgs stratimprloc2
Hans-Peter Deifel
07:31 PM Revision f498e556 (cool): benchmarks: Fork a subshell for mlsolver
Otherwise, 'perf stat' returns a zero exit code if mlsolver is killed
by a signal (e.g in case of an OOM situation)
Hans-Peter Deifel
05:27 PM Revision a43cb4c2 (cool): benchmarks: Distribute results over different directories
Allows benchmarks of two formula series to be performed in parallel
without interfering with each other.
Hans-Peter Deifel
05:01 PM Revision 63177472 (cool): benchmarks: Add visual progress feedback
Hans-Peter Deifel
04:27 PM Revision cf5e561d (cool): benchmarks: Add script to run 'bench_one_formula' on all formulas
Hans-Peter Deifel
04:26 PM Revision 775ab65f (cool): benchmarks: Output numbers with leading zeros
Some csv tools can only sort lexicographically Hans-Peter Deifel
04:26 PM Revision 7a044d56 (cool): benchmarks: Save full 'perf stat' output
who knows if we might need it Hans-Peter Deifel
04:25 PM Revision 10b7fc02 (cool): benchmarks: Set locale to C
This ensures that decimal separators are consistent. Hans-Peter Deifel
10:23 AM Revision ec2caa83 (cool): benchmarks: Allow to have multiple directories with benchmark results
Hans-Peter Deifel
10:21 AM Revision 4b369edd (cool): benchmarks: Add script to collect results into CSV format
Hans-Peter Deifel
10:20 AM Revision 6d28c445 (cool): benchmarks: Save output of programs
Allows to collect other results than just the time. For example how
many states the game has and what the result was ...
Hans-Peter Deifel
10:19 AM Revision 3fd00cf1 (cool): benchmarks: Add cool with pgsolver support to matrix
Hans-Peter Deifel
07:56 AM Revision 45386aae (cool): Fix typo
Hans-Peter Deifel


11:17 PM Revision 8c274b5b (cool): benchmarks: Add cool without propagation
Hans-Peter Deifel
10:38 PM Revision eb9bb469 (cool): benchmarks: Add mlsolver with optimizations to tested programs
Hans-Peter Deifel
10:28 PM Revision e442d62b (cool): benchmarks: Switch mlsolver to 'recursive' strategy
Hans-Peter Deifel
08:48 PM Revision e412454f (cool): Make propagation rate configurable with command line flag
Adds the parameter --propagationRate Hans-Peter Deifel
07:36 PM Revision 6b7a66a8 (cool): Cache maximum priority of all nodes in graph
So it doesn't have to be recomputed for each propagation.
Unfortunately this optimization doesn't seem to make a dif...
Hans-Peter Deifel
09:17 AM Revision f1eb4f7c (cool): Add argument checking to benchmark script
Hans-Peter Deifel
09:12 AM Revision a06d5cea (cool): Add benchmark script to compare cool and mlsolver
Hans-Peter Deifel
08:12 AM Revision dacb681b (cool): Remove pgsolver dependency
Hans-Peter Deifel


11:28 PM Revision e765822b (cool): Implement own parity game solver
Instead of relying on pgsolver for this task. Daniel Hausmann
10:53 PM Revision 3e877781 (cool): Use pgsolver from opam instead of bundling it
Simplifies the installation process and allows to compare performance
with other tools that use the same pgsolver ver...
Hans-Peter Deifel


05:05 PM Revision 994d7911 (cool): Move aconjunctive formula generator to benchmarks/
Hans-Peter Deifel
05:01 PM Revision 77f7da85 (cool): Add more formula families to
Daniel Hausmann


10:22 PM Revision 682787c5 (cool): generator: Rename formula families to something descriptive
Hans-Peter Deifel
10:14 PM Revision b078517b (cool): Fix printing of modality of the identity functor
Hans-Peter Deifel
10:12 PM Revision 88a1a18b (cool): phi generator: Use identity modality for phi
As this speeds things up quite a bit. Hans-Peter Deifel
06:39 PM Revision fdfe3dcc (cool): phi generator: Add another formula family
Hans-Peter Deifel
05:11 PM Revision 69962164 (cool): CoAlgMisc: Store fixpoint variable name for every deferral
This is only useful for debugging and currently not used anywhere in
the code.
Hans-Peter Deifel
05:03 PM Revision 467e8bbc (cool): phi generator: Generalize command line syntax
Allows for more variations of the formula and also is a little bit
more self-documenting.
Hans-Peter Deifel


10:53 PM Revision 97d89f3f (cool): Remove unused code
Hans-Peter Deifel


11:52 PM Revision 9cab822e (cool): Fix apply for the partial permutation tracker
- Apply all indices in the map, not only the currently tracked ones.
- Apply Stars in the same way as regular formulas
Hans-Peter Deifel
11:31 PM Revision c9dbb509 (cool): Add negation to generator for phi
Hans-Peter Deifel
11:30 PM Revision 7915d13f (cool): Fix formula generator for positive phi
Hans-Peter Deifel
09:34 PM Revision 3dc07cf8 (cool): Fix bug in detClosure
Hans-Peter Deifel


06:45 PM Revision ae7e01ca (cool): Change quantification order
Hans-Peter Deifel


09:06 PM Revision 1d36cd07 (cool): Tried to optimize translation with fixpoint approximation; added depthF...
Kristin Braun

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