From 01/30/2016 to 02/28/2016


03:44 PM Revision dcc8167f (cool): Use custom variables for CTL -> μ
Makes morally same formulas actually the same. Removes the need to
recalculate some States that have already been ful...
Christoph Egger


02:32 PM Revision 653eaa4b (cool): Update deferral when revisiting formula
Christoph Egger
12:54 PM Revision fbffb079 (cool): Some seemingly missed patern-match cases
Christoph Egger
12:47 PM Revision c13029a3 (cool): Color-code core/state status in graph output
Christoph Egger


04:57 PM Revision 16af388e (cool): Make reasoner nodes include deferrals
This makes the identifying information be of type bset*bset instead of
bset and adds tracking of deferrals for propos...
Christoph Egger
04:52 PM Revision 8d6bf016 (cool): Add basic graphviz export feature
Christoph Egger


05:19 PM Revision 4c4531ea (cool): CL: more test formulas
Thorsten Wißmann
05:08 PM Revision c1a08c36 (cool): CL: create enough rule 2 applications
The previous optimization in the rule 2 applications of coalition logic
left out some rule applications. Now, do enou...
Thorsten Wißmann
04:46 PM Revision 9944c81b (cool): Add init function to testsuite sections
Allow testcase sections to adjust the global settings before evaluating
the test formulas.
Thorsten Wißmann


11:45 AM Revision b395c870 (cool): track deferrals across propositional reasoning
Christoph Egger
11:40 AM Revision 99d301af (cool): Replace A by a and E by e in testsuite
A and E are syntax elements in CTL
"Fixes" the testsuite for K
Christoph Egger


12:00 AM Revision 3285ac30 (cool): Add deferral flags to core/state data structure
Christoph Egger


02:00 PM Revision 9609611d (cool): Fix CL for diamond formula sets with all agents
For the case of two (or more) diamond formulas who all mention the full
agent list, no rule was created, because the ...
Thorsten Wißmann


05:10 PM Revision c67aca42 (cool): Add deferral accessor function
Christoph Egger

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