From 05/05/2014 to 06/03/2014


01:37 PM Feature #1: REPL
Possible names:
* cocolore (*Co* lored *Co* algebraic *Lo* gic *RE* PL)
* cooli (The Cool Interface)
Thorsten Wißmann
01:15 PM Feature #22 (New): Directly implement GML using linear unequalities
Thorsten Wißmann
01:14 PM Bug #19: GML formula takes long
Should be fixed as soon our own implementation of GML works. Thorsten Wißmann
01:13 PM Feature #21 (New): Allow Reasoner nodes to be Or-nodes
If a logic generates rules for a set of formulas, then these are treaten conjunktively. I.e. The set of formulas is s... Thorsten Wißmann


09:17 PM Revision 233d5f2b (cool): Mention the testsuite in the INSTALL file
Thorsten Wißmann
09:13 PM Feature #15 (Closed): Create test suite
Testsuite created. Its the new @cool-testsuite@ command. Thorsten Wißmann
09:11 PM Revision 2483bba8 (cool): Add CL testcases
Thorsten Wißmann
09:04 PM Revision dcb82f00 (cool): Add statistics to testsuite output
Thorsten Wißmann
08:49 PM Revision ee45f2fd (cool): Add testcases for nominal
Thorsten Wißmann
08:43 PM Revision abc6c263 (cool): Add testcases for KD
Thorsten Wißmann
08:18 PM Revision ab2d3adc (cool): Add basic testcase checking
Thorsten Wißmann
07:22 PM Revision b33c1f3f (cool): Add basic testsuite skeleton
Thorsten Wißmann


05:53 PM Bug #19: GML formula takes long
If you run the following input with glmmip, it takes very long (in the sense of: not terminating within minutes). It'... Thorsten Wißmann
12:57 PM Bug #19 (New): GML formula takes long
The following GML formula takes much time:... Thorsten Wißmann
12:13 PM Bug #13 (Closed): Wrong CL result
Fixed by η-conversion via commit:6e618918d31464ad719c8cc00ec429d4e9fd719d. Thorsten Wißmann
12:10 PM Revision 202433a6 (cool): Beautify conversion cliques->coalitions
The code converting maximal cliques to coalitions of CL is now much more
Thorsten Wißmann
12:10 PM Revision 6e618918 (cool): Do not throw all CL coalitions in one bset
As ocaml is not purely functional, the following code snippets have
different semantics: (List.fold_lef...
Thorsten Wißmann
11:53 AM Revision 77a804ab (cool): Add some debug output (in comments)
Thorsten Wißmann
11:12 AM Revision 26e21f07 (cool): Add coalition list printing
Thorsten Wißmann


01:52 PM Feature #15 (Closed): Create test suite
Create a test suite to check correctness and performance of the implementations of all the logics. Thorsten Wißmann
01:41 PM Bug #13: Wrong CL result
The published version of cool from january also tells "unsatisfiable". So it's a bug being there since the beginning ... Thorsten Wißmann
01:33 PM Bug #13 (In Progress): Wrong CL result
Tatl claims the formula to be satisfiable. Running... Thorsten Wißmann
01:32 PM Bug #14 (Closed): Strange CL result
Thorsten Wißmann
01:32 PM Bug #14: Strange CL result
Tatl claims the solution to be satisfiable:... Thorsten Wißmann


03:34 PM Bug #14 (Closed): Strange CL result
What would tatl do? Thorsten Wißmann
03:33 PM Bug #13 (Closed): Wrong CL result
The formula ([1,3] C) ∧ ([2,3] ¬C) should be satisfiable but coalg says:... Thorsten Wißmann


11:04 AM Feature #5: Implement OWL query: consistency
Consistency checking already is translated. Nominals and cardinality restrictions are still missing. Thorsten Wißmann
08:30 AM Revision ca99d0c6 (cool): Improve OWL -> CoAlg conversion
Thorsten Wißmann
08:00 AM Revision c78c1ce0 (cool): Connect OWL ontologies with CoAlgReasoner
Thorsten Wißmann


01:16 PM Revision dbcce612 (cool): Implement fuzzy formula conversion to K or GML
Thorsten Wißmann
12:02 PM Revision 0247525c (cool): Add comments for CoAlgFormula.formula constructors
Thorsten Wißmann
11:38 AM Revision 59b6a7fd (cool): Make if conditions in _oasis more conform
Thorsten Wißmann

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