CGM -- The Clinical Guideline Module

CGM is a modular clinical decision support system using OWL ontologies as sole representation, with a Java front-end. Currently it supports parts of the German S3 guideline for schizophrenia (ICD10/F20).
The tool provides an interface to create an ontological representation of patients medical record and is able to infer recommendations and treatments plans according to the guideline.


  • Public Git: git clone git://
  • Member Git: git clone


At this moment two different versions of the project are existing.

The outdated version can be found under 'legacy/'. It only contains the results of the first published

Under 'cgm/' the current state of the work is provided. It covers a larger part of the guideline and
the GUI is able to infer individual treatment plans as well.

It uses up-to-date libraries like Owlapi 5.x, the Openllet reasoner and the dependency manager 'maven'.

The build process is rather easy:

cd cgm/
make run

For debugging purposes use instead:

make debug

The implemented ontologies can be found under 'cgm/src/main/ontologies/'. Ontologies that represent exemplary patients
are stored under 'cgm/src/main/resources/patients/'.


  • Maven
  • Java 8